DJ / Live Audio Events


Provide musical entertainment for guests of all ages. Provide and run audio/lighting equipment for live productions.

- School Dances
- Formal/Informal Parties
- Dinner Dances
- Wedding Receptions

- Small Band Concerts/Gigs
- Talent Shows
- Media Presentations

Audio Production


Create, record, or mix audio for specific applications and projects

- Live Audio Recording
- Studio Recording

- Jingles/Music Tracks
- Background Music

Software Development


Develop Desktop, Web, or Mobile Applications based on desired specifications. As this is my primary profession, I have skills in the following technologies.

- Java EE and MVC Design Patterns
- Android Development
- Oracle and MySQL DB Experience

* Please remember that Preston's Productions is not my full time job. I enjoy every skill listed above and strive for the highest quality with each event/activity. Unfortunately my time becomes limited, and sometimes I am not able to accept all requests. Please contact me to determine my availability and pricing.